Poetry Pageant

On Friday, November 16, the students of the Academy performed for a small group of enchanted supporters.  The high school students recited the Prologue from Canterbury Tales, both in Old English and in English.  The 4-6th graders wore caps as they recited "The Captain's Daughter" while the 7-8th grade class took on "Beowulf" in Old English!  For the younger classes, a play was afoot -- The Story of Squanto.  For more photos, click here.

Holiday Fundraising Campaign

Please help us "continue Saving" St. Anthony Academy.

In the spring the school launched a bold campaign to save our school.  

Through the generous help of many donors from near and far, we were able to open our doors again for our 16th year.

Our full campaign goal fell short, however, and our Go Fund Me raised 41% of its goal; hence we are rolling that campaign into our holiday appeal to ensure

 the school's long-term prosperity.

Every contribution goes a long way for our students!

A few quick facts:

  • SAA receives almost no funds from any outside entity or organization.
  • The school is unable to match public school salaries for our teachers.
  • Because we cannot afford a custodian, the students clean and maintain their own school daily.
  • Parents perform valuable volunteer duties that would otherwise be an expense for the school.  
  • Some parents teach so that their children can attend at a discount.

Click here to find out how you can help make a difference.

All Saint's Day

Every year, the students of the Academy begin the school year by choosing a saint to befriend.  For the next 6 weeks, they work on researching the life of their saint, making a poster representing their life, writing a report and designing a costume.  When the day of the All Saints' Day party arrives, the students dress up as their saints, pray the rosary and the litany of the Saints, enjoy a pizza lunch, play saint-centered games, win prizes, and battle to break a candy-filled pinata.  What a wonderful celebration!

Student-Made Rosaries for Sale!

St. Anthony Academy is very proud to present our student-made rosaries!
As with every small school, fundraising is an important part of our academic year, and finding interesting and inspiring ways to raise money is a constant challenge.  Our fundraising coordinator, Lindy Rackiewicz, devised a wonderful project for the students, which combines creativity and spirituality while still serving as a tool to help the school.    

Click here to peruse the sampling of the rosaries our students have created!
Once you have chosen your favorite, determine the size of your donation and send us your address. You will receive your hand-crafted rosary within the week.  Or, send us an e-mail and we can design a rosary based on your specifications!  Heaven is the limit !!

Click here to order the perfect rosary for you and your loved ones.

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There is so much more to St. Anthony Academy than the classrooms.  Coming soon, a peek at the activities, parties and festivals that make this school fun!

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