A Classical School in the Catholic Tradition.

Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Faith, Tradition

St. Anthony Academy joins together the best of the Classical curriculum, by teaching the ageless Trivium underlined by the traditional Catholic Faith.  Few, indeed, are the schools that combine these two successfully so that the students receive an appreciation of the True, the Good and  the Beautiful by learning about the One, True God, His action in the history of man, and His Church.  

 Our Academy is an independent, classical school in the Catholic tradition. We  provide our students with a classical education of the highest quality while, at the same time, passing on to them the Catholic Faith as it has been believed "ubique, semper, et ab omnibus" 

(everywhere, always, and by all).

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Parent Testimonials

Happy Graduate

 St. Anthony Academy provided an excellent education that prepared my son for college and for life.  At present, he is a college sophomore in an honors program in biochemistry. The liberal arts education and critical thinking skills  taught at St. Anthony Academy give him a clear advantage.

Moreover, he learned the traditional virtues that elevate the child into an adult. Our son's St. Anthony classmates remain close friends—a testament to the caring culture among the students and teachers. 

 I highly recommend St. Anthony’s to parents who want the best for their children. 

~ Mr. Daniel Graham & Dr. Judith Graham

Great Combination

  St. Anthony Academy really benefited our three children. The  school's combination of a classical curriculum, a traditional Catholic  approach, and caring teachers was exactly the help we needed in forming our children academically and spiritually. 

     ~ Ambassador Christopher Henzel & Adrienne Henzel  

A Fit For All

 For years when our kids were small and we were planning their education, we thought that  the only way to give them what they needed spiritually as well as academically was to do homeschooling. 

 How happy we were to be wrong!  

St. Anthony Academy puts first things first, bringing God into every subject, while training minds so methodically with the rigorous classical curriculum. 

Each of my six children is blossoming in this  school, despite their differing temperaments!  

This is what education was meant to be!

~ Mr. and Mrs. Sean Loftus

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For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lindy Rackiewicz lindyrack1322@aol.com 703-759-5983

Friends, Please Join In


There are so many ways to participate in our monumental goal of training the educated leaders of tomorrow! Please consider participating in our fundraising efforts! 

Students, Please Visit


There is so much more to St. Anthony Academy than the classrooms.  Coming soon, a peek at the activities, parties and festivals that make this school so much fun! 

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