History, of course, is the study of the when, the how, and the why of major events in time. As Catholics, we study these events, and the major ideas that have shaped human history, from the perspective of God’s plan for our salvation, beginning with the fact that Truth exists, and the Incarnation happened. 

The focus for students in kindergarten through second grade is American history. Student create “history pockets” which teach them about Columbus, the Native Americans, the missionaries and the explorers, as well as the founding of our country and the events that occurred during its expansion. 

Beginning in third through sixth grades, students study ancient history, the Greeks, the Romans and the Middle Ages. During these grades, they are also expected to do supplemental reading in American history. They return to an in-depth study of American history in the seventh and eighth grades.  Throughout this course of study, students create a timeline book that summarizes the major events in history.

Book List

  • History Pockets (Evan Moor)
  • The Story of the World
  • d’Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths (Edgar d'Aulaire)
  • Famous Men of Greece (Poland Haaren)
  • Famous Men of Rome (Haaren)
  • Famous Men of the Middle Ages (Haaren)
  • The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and the Great Republic (H.A. Guerber)
  • From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America (Catholic Textbook Project)
  • Memoria Press Timeline
  • Selected American History Literature (Memoria Press) 

  "It was the colossal triumph of the Greeks and the Romans and the great thinkers of the Middle Ages to sound the depths of almost every problem which human nature has to offer, and to interpret human thought and human aspirations with astounding profundity and insight.”

Nicholas Butler, President of Columbia University, 1945