Learning to put letters and words on paper is one of the most important academic skills that our young students focus on in grades K-2. Forming proper habits regarding pencil grip, neatness, and, accuracy when writing is critical to future success in all subject areas. Unfortunately, with the rush to move on to other subjects and to use computers, many schools have decided to teach only manuscript, completely dispensing with cursive.  

At St. Anthony Academy, we consider cursive a valuable skill that is well worth the time and attention that it takes to teach. It develops fine motor skills, increases writing speed, and, for the young child, increases the conceptual understanding of words in a meaningful way. We begin teaching cursive in first grade so that it is mastered by the end of second grade. All written work is required to be in cursive once a student enters the third grade.

Book List

  • Abeka Handwriting

"Penmanship teaches the beginning student the basic skills of concentration, accuracy, correct spelling, and the patience and persistence required to do quality work."

Cheryl Lowe, Memoria Press