A strong foundation in math is critical for a student’s future success in, not only math, but all of the sciences. It is systematic, orderly and logical. Most of all, it is cumulative. Special attention must be paid to mastery every year in order to build the foundation for subsequent years. Properly taught, these skills will give students the ability to succeed in the higher lever math subjects of algebra, geometry, and calculus. They also set the stage for success in chemistry, biology and physics. 

The focus in the primary grades is on arithmetic and the immediate recall of the basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Additionally, students learn number formation, time, calendar, measurement and money. They then move on to decimals, fractions and percentages and must be able to work word problems that utilize these skills. The final math text, Saxon’s Algebra ½, adequately prepares the student for success in algebra.

Book List

  • Abeka Math in grades K-3
  • Saxon Math in grades 4-8 

"Mathematics is the language in which the Gods speak to people."