Latin is the language of the Catholic Church and the mother tongue of Western Civilization. Thus, the study of Latin is the foundation for a classical curriculum. The mastery of Latin grammar greatly enhances English language skills and develops the mind of the young student in a way that no other subject can. Not only do over half of all English words come from Latin, but it is the language of law, science, government and logic. The benefits of studying Latin are too numerous to mention.

At St. Anthony Academy, the study of Latin begins with our youngest students as they memorize their Catholic prayers in Latin. Formal Latin instruction begins in the fourth grade and follows a traditional scope and sequence, consistent with the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of the trivium. In conjunction with Latin, students learn the basics of English grammar. St. Anthony Academy uses the Latin program written by Memoria Press.

Book List

  • Latin Grammar Years 1-4  (Lowe, Memoria Press)
  • Lingua Angelica (Memoria Press)
  • Henle Latin (Henle)
  • English Grammar Recitation I-IV

 "I would make everyone learn English; then I would let the clever ones learn Latin as an honor.”  

Sir Winston Churchill